Friday, 29 April 2016

Drew Binsky's Snapchat 101

Over the past few weeks I have been coming up with new ideas for this blog, and one of them was to potentially write an in depth how to of snapchat, putting your business on snapchat and how to make it work effectively for you. I thought about this idea for a while, began writing and realized what a massive job it really was. Then I came across Drew Binsky (If you think that name sounds familiar, it does, if not check out my previous blog post on travel blogging on Snapchat!) and his absolutely marvelous 'SNAPCHAT 101: MARKETING FOR BLOGGERS & BUSINESSES'.
SO instead of writing out my own, I contacted Drew to see if he would mind if I shared his post with you guys, the answer was affirmative and so here's Drew's opinion section on...

Why is Snap Chat so Effective? 
 In this section, I am going to lay out 10 reasons why Snapchat has blown up so quickly and why it’s so powerful:

  1.  It works like a text message – Snaps immediately are sent to the recipients phone and they will receive a notification – Just like a text message, but much it’s more entertaining and fun. 
  2.  You have extreme PRIVACY – Nobody else can see what you’re doing on Snapchat besides yourself. It’s personal. This is perhaps the most attractive feature of the app, because it sets it apart from the other major social media platforms.
  3. You don’t need wifi to send snaps – This is crucial especially for us travelers who don’t always have access to strong wifi on the road. You can take as many snaps as you want, and save them on the app to resend when you do have access to wifi. I’ve been doing this in on my current trip in India and it’s been working magically.
  4. It’s quick and to the point – There is no bullshit with Snapchat. You send a photo/video, and the recipient views it. No advertisements, no re-Snapping, no sharing. That’s it.
  5. It’s fun –Snapchat is a more FUN way to communicate with your friends and followers than just standard texting. The same way that watching videos is more fun than reading blog posts.
  6. It’s Customizable – After you take the photo or video, you are able to choose any color and draw freely on the screen with your finger. You also have the option to write up to 31 characters on the screen. Better yet, you can use emojis and put them anywhere on the screen and make them as big or small as you want. There are unlimited options to customize your snaps!
  7. Users will Anticipation Your Snaps – If you are somewhat entertaining and creative with your snaps, then people will start looking forward to your next post. Just like Instagram.
  8. Photo + Video Option – While photos are nice, videos are much more powerful. You are allowed up to 10 seconds of video to send.
  9. It’s addicting – You know how Tinder can be addicting? Yeah, Snapchat has 100 million active monthly users. People who are on it can’t seem to stop (I’m guilty of it too). 
  10. It’s behind the scenes – My favorite part about Snapchat is that you are essentially filming your life experiences behind the scenes! Nothing is planned or staged. People are seeing content exactly how you are seeing it in real life. It offers an incredibly your viewers a unique perspective, almost as if they are standing next to you. 
  11. 100% user engagement – When someone is viewing a snapchat, their finger must be touching the screen at all times or the snap will disappear. Therefore, you can be 100% certain that you have the full attention of your viewers when they are opening your snaps. This is unlike Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where users quickly scroll through their newsfeeds and hardly retain anything unless it pops out or catches their eye.
So there you have it guys, if I can't convince you to get on Snapchat, Drew certainly can! Check out the entire of his blog post at: and follow him on Snapchat to see his travels by snapping this:

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  1. I would also like to add that Snapchat connects people! For some reason, however, I get a feeling Snapchat will become bigger than Facebook.