Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Batman vs. Superman- Sponsored Selfies

For all those who have Snapchat, I'm fairly certain that at least half of you would have noticed that some of the snaps they have been receiving have been every so slightly altered...
Well maybe a little more than ever so slightly, vomiting rainbows sound familiar? How about turning you into a puppy dog? Or Kanye West? Or an Alien (told you they're real!)? Or making you look like you sitting on a tropical beach? Or what I consider possibly the best of the lot; swapping your face with your friend? So many choices!

For those who haven't yet figured how to use this feature, here's a quick how to:

  1. Open the app Snapchat and ensure your front facing camera is on
  2. Press and hold the picture of your face until the app scans you face and the options pop up below
  3. Chose an option below your face and press the circle shutter button to take photo/video
  4. Have fun!
Used with permission
But of course, not just anyone can make a filter and have it put on Snapchat and there are a few companies (like Warner Bros.) paying very big money to have theirs featured for only a few days. It's not certain exactly how much it cost, but it's rumored to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars per day.
The most recent, and probably most prolific of these, was the Batman vs Superman movie advertising that was on Snapchat only a few weeks ago. For example:

It allowed users to turn themselves into character of the movie and encouraged then to see the move by creating so much hype before it was released. 
I personally think this type of interactive marketing is a fantastic way to get people interested in things like this, especially when the product (in this case a movie) is fairly un-interactive.
What do you think? Is it worth the money?
Used with permissions

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