Monday, 4 April 2016

@StuBallingerArt- Small town artist on Snapchat

I don't expect you to know him yet- but one day you will. Stuart Ballinger is a 20 year old digital artist who has been featured in magazines, on art sites and is currently has his first physical exhibition in Horsham Art Gallery (go check it out if you're in the area!).
He also uses Snapchat, along with an Instagram, a Facebook, a Behance and a DeviantArt page as a way of advertising to his followers. When I asked him why he uses Snapchat in addition to so many other mediums, his reply interested me. Apparently, he finds it a more 'personal' platform compared to the others. For example, if he shared a picture on Facebook and someone comments, everyone can see that comment. Unlike over Snapchat where if a picture if shared, only those who it was sent to can see it, and only Stuart can see their comments and reactions-providing a more private place for his followers to give him comments and tips.
Screenshots from Stu's Snapchat- Used with Permissions

He also uses it to send partially finished artwork and progress updates, something quite unprofessional and personal, along with what he is doing in his day to day life so his followers actually see the type of human is behind the art. This is unlike his Behance where he shares only finished artworks. Admittedly, there are some downfalls to Snapchat, for example, the art can only be viewed once and only for 10 seconds max. if shared by private Snaps. Also you can only have people add you on Snapchat if they know your username, meaning that the only people who follow him on Snapchat- already follow him on other social media where he has advertised his Snapchat- leaving it virtually impossible to build a fan base over the platform and therefore needs to be used in conjunction with other social media platforms.
However, he's obviously doing something right because he's being noticed! So chuck him a like/follow guys, you won't have any regrets :)

Light The Way- Stu Ballinger
And We All Fell Back to Earth- Stu Ballinger


  1. I think the fact the artworks can only be viewed for 10 seconds makes it more precious. It's similar to nature - the most beautiful phenomena happens in the blink of an eye. In my opinion, beauty is lived through fleeting seconds, and enjoyed in small moments.

    1. Very true! This is, in my opinion, on of the reasons why Snapchat is one of the quickest growing social media platforms. The short life of the content shared immediately becomes more valuable to the viewer as it can only be viewed for a limited time!