Friday, 1 April 2016

Travel blogging on Snapchat

As Snapchat has evolved, many people have started using it as a method of communicating with their friends and family whilst overseas.And as free wifi is now readily available in all major tourist destinations; Snapchat travel blogging has bloomed. Along with your everyday relative or friend sending you 10 second videos or pictures of what they got up to that day, people are creating full blown, profitable businesses out of travel blogging.
 Take for example, the now pretty famous Drew Binsky who makes his living by both travel blogging on his page The Hungry Partier and through Snapchat (@drewbinsky) where he has over 42,000 followers and over 8,000 people viewing his daily travel snap stories. When I last caught up with his snap stories he was having a ball in Indonesia and giving me serious travel envy as I procrastinated from doing my uni study.  He provides travel advice to those who ask for it and allows people to experience other countries whilst never leaving the comfort of their own home.
Drew Binsky is also an avid used of the Snapchat geofilter (as pictured above) which in my opinion is one of Snapchats best tourism marketing ideas and is what my next blog will star!

For a list of the best travel blogs to follow on Snapchat; visit Getting Stamped, another snapchatting travel blog with an entire post dedicated to this.

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