Tuesday, 15 March 2016

An Introduction to Snapchat

For those who have not yet encountered the social media phenomenon that is Snapchat, I though I would write a quick description on what it actually is, does and the appeal of it.
When it was first launched in September in 2011 and the main users were high school kids wanting to pass messages to other students behind their teachers' backs and Snapchat delivered the perfect service for this as all photos sent through the app self-destructed after 10 seconds, leaving behind no trace of the 'Snap' ever existing on the phone or the Snapchat servers.
However, today the audience has extended from just high school student passing notes. Now celebrities share their daily activities on there, bloggers share their opinions, journalists share their articles and companies advertise their wares and services. Along with the 100+ million daily active users who share over 20,000 pictures per second of their food, selfies, suspected alien sightings, activities, opinions, bowel movements and their newly washed, shiny cars.