Sunday, 22 May 2016

Snapping Comps!

Who doesn't love an opportunity to win free stuff with minimal effort?!
Certainly not me.
One of the best marketing techniques over Snapchat I've seen so far are Snapchat competitions. There are many types of these that I've noticed some of which being:

  1. 'Screenshot this coupon before it...'. Oh it's dissapeared.
  2. 'Send in your best snap in the next 3 hours for a chance to win [insert cool prize here]!'
  3. 'Treasure hunt! Follow the clues in the our Snapchat story and the first Snap of the answer wins!'
  4. 'Screenshot this pic and share on Facebook for your chance to win!'
The opportunities are endless!
One Snapchat blogger I follow, Drew Binsky the travel blogger, runs these competitions flawlessly and often holds them with the prize being small but interesting (often a postcard from his current location).
Most recently he help one where he asked his followers to send in their craziest travel stories. The results must have been hilarious and the winner was a boy who was hitchhiking though Arizona when one of the people offering him a lift asked him if he wanted a paid job being in a porno with him and his mate. 

Drew's Competition snaps, announcing the winners and showing the prizes.

Now Drew doesn't gain any new followers from these competitions but he encourages his followers to interact with him which results in higher engagement and a higher likelihood of his blog spreading through word of mouth. This is smart marketing and Drew has certainly benefited from it with his thousands of followers on all Social Media Platforms.

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