Wednesday, 11 May 2016

It's Festival Time in the US!

'How do you know this?' You may ask.
The answer: Snapchat
Of course, if I were any other normal human being who doesn't live under a rock I would have also found this out by the plethora of magazines that stalk the celebrities and performers at the festivals, or the newpapers which follow the statistics of the huge nature of these mega festivals, or even the odd new bulletin story on TV (don't own one, soz).
But I'm not and the main way I keep up with world happenings is over Social Media and the first I heard about Coachella this year was through Snapchat 'Live'.
'What is Snapchat Live?' I hear you asking.
Ok, so open your app, go to the stories pace and under the line of discover journalism, but above your friends stories should be something that looks like this:
Basically, these are the best snaps from events as curated by Snapchat. So wherever you are in the world (say, Australia) and no matter how far away you are from Coachella (say, 13,309 km). You can experience it live! (Kind of).
This is an incredible form of marketing. You can get your brand/event out and be seen by the entire world by showing the best snaps and most interesting behind the scenes happenings, making people all over the world experience a little jealousy and wunderlust. Especially me. 
Screenshots from the Coachella Snapchat Live story

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